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The cause of ongoing issues and negativity in our lives is energetic in nature. Our life experiences, with accompanying thoughts, emotions, beliefs and perceptions, are captured as energetic forms that possess a physical presence in the body. These energetic memories collectively form a composite blueprint that organizes our personal reality and they interfere with our natural state of vibration. This internal dissonance is the real beginning of illness.


As vibrations attract its like, trapped energies continuously draw personalities and situations into our lives which resemble the original experience that produced the impression. They hold us in their grip, forcing us to see, feel and react to things in ways from the past.

Left unattended, they gather strength and give rise to recurring emotional problems, destructive behavior patterns and, at worst, a disorganization of tissue resulting in physical symptoms, which most people only then recognize as disease. These energetic imprints are therefore the true source of our limitations and suffering - anxiety, fear, anger, depression and physical dis-ease.

Healing Process

The process of therapy has two phases. The first focuses on releasing the energetic source of the recurring problem. With awareness and attention, the client is guided to locate, dissolve and release these energies using the appropriate technique.

Realizing the nature of these energetic tendencies and how they create difficulties in our lives, one learns to re-align perception and belief with a correct understanding of reality and thus achieves freedom from constricting identities that separate us from our true nature.

The second phase of healing takes place when the energetic disharmony is released. Restoration of the natural flow of life-energy brings about a healthy body as well as psychological and emotional balance. Of course, a single energy pattern can be addressed to different degrees at different levels of consciousness but ultimately, the process comes to completion with a return to our natural, innate condition of peace and overall well-being.

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