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"How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is."

Testimonials from Clients

"Soo Hwa's ability to recognize what most do not has allowed her to employ tools and techniques that were largely unavailable and certainly under-utilized. By employing one or more of unique therapies such as Quantum-Touch, The SomEsse Process or Bach Flower Essences, and by knowing what combination to use on a given client, she can move that client toward a more balanced existence. Positive progress can proceed as fast as the client is willing to go. This is the most rapid, least traumatic, totally non-invasive, drug-free healing I am aware of. I am very grateful that such powerful and yet gentle techniques have fallen into the hands of a truly compassionate person."

~ David Caruthers ~

"Finding Soo Hwa has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. Through her abilities to facilitate The SomEsse Process, she has been a major catalyst towards my own personal growth and healing. I feel that the process has allowed more of my true self to emerge from the prison of acquired emotions to which it has been sentenced for most of my life. An important necessity when working in the healing arts profession."

~ Tim Harvey, CMT ~
Sports Massage Therapist and Health Educator

"I received four SomEsse sessions with Soo Hwa, over the course of an eight-week period. During that time, I became less angry and impatient. My relationships with my spouse and co-workers improved. I attribute the positive changes to the work I did with Soo Hwa. The SomEsse Process is very effective for releasing the frozen patches of energy from past trauma and freeing the body to channel joy and love. Soo Hwa also blends other modalities with the SomEsse Process to round out her unique healing repertoire. I am grateful for all I've healed and learned from her. I whole-heartedly recommend her and her healing services for anyone seeking health and happiness."

~ Lisa Le Beau ~

"I came to Soo Hwa to do emotional work that might help in curing a 10-year-old chronic cough my mother used to have too. I also have a left hip problem caused by a sports accident nine years ago, which Soo Hwa sees as related to the cough problem. First of all, in Soo herself, I met one of the most caring, kind, balanced, harmonious and loving people I know. Then, with the help of The SomEsse Process, I was able to notice and release ways of perceiving that had become adapted and deeply ingrained in my childhood and youth. I don't think I'm finished yet, if I ever will be. In Soo's presence, I feel so reassured and secure that I can allow anything to arise. In my case, I have cried most of the time we worked together. I don't cry much normally, and surely not with people. I've also been astonished, again and again, how precisely and clearly, with what intuition and wisdom, Soo recognized the adaptations I had made to my own later detriment. There was a genuine, compassionate, truthful person totally present for me, most eager to help me on the path to living my true essence. The Bach Flowers she selected to support my process were very effective. I noticed clear shifts in feeling, in behavior, and in perceptions while and after taking them. And if I were able to pay more attention to my healing process, I'd notice even more. I feel deeply grateful that Soo is who she is and does what she does. A blessing for whoever works with her.

~ Sigrid M. ~
Ex-academic, photographer, writer

"I have done energy work for about 10 years, however there are some blocks that just don't seem to want to move. The Bach Flower Essences were a gentle but powerful way to release some of those blocks. With the very first dose of BFE I could feel energy move along the gall bladder meridian in my left calf. The response was almost instantaneous, which really surprised me. This type of energy movement continued for a day or two. After that the response was not so obvious. I experienced a greater calm and an improvement in my bodily functions (digestion and elimination).
The SomEsse Process has been an amazing experience for me. These processes have given me another opportunity to experience my body as my wisdom teacher. The various pains and aches are messages that there is unfinished business I need to address. Addressing that business is a multi-faceted effort. It has removed the blocks to my energy triggered by events that I no longer remember; facilitated a deeper awareness of my deepest, truest self; brought about a positive energy connection between me and the person associated with the hurtful events or events, thereby benefiting not only me, but the other person as well. When those kinds of positive energy connections are established, the entire universe benefits. That is quite an awesome thought!
For many years I have realized that my body is my wisdom teacher, however I had limited ways to access that wisdom. I feel that I am learning more ways to listen to Her. This frequently makes me mindful of a comment made during a retreat, again, many years ago: "Anything we do for our physical well being is a spiritual practice."

~ Sister M. S. ~

"Thank you for the powerful session last week. The rigidity and extreme tightness in my mid-back is so, so much better. And my stomach spasming is better, too. That controlling pattern and the false power energy patterns in me have really gotten a good shake-up. Wow! Your SomEsse work is the most effective and powerful way to access my unconscious material I have found. Thank you very much."

~ Deborah Barber ~
Massage therapist/Promoter-Organizer

"The session we had helped me very much to awaken to parts of myself I had no idea were there ... and shift and move to new beliefs, ideas, and ways of being that I was not able to or thought possible before now. I have come to a HUGE place of acceptance I have never been at before and it feels so good and gives me so much peace. Thank you for your service and helping me and the universe take another step towards peace!"

~ Joan Langholff ~

"Since the 1970s I've had two slipped disks in my lower back. I went to many doctors first and all they did was put me on drugs that really ruined me mentally. Of course they wanted to operate and I said no. My M.D. told me it would take me over a year to recover from the operation. I had physical therapy too but that didn't solve the problem. My back was the first thing Soo Hwa worked on. I used to experience severe pain in my back and I don't have those serious problems anymore. I would go to the chiropractor at times for adjustments but considering the fact that I used to have trouble walking at times and wore a back brace before - my back is 200% better. In1997, I had tendonitis in both my hands and arms. I went to 22 doctors - every type of doctor you can imagine for years. Soo Hwa and I worked together and my arms are 95% better.
A lump was discovered around my chest area. Lump moved around to different areas of my breast and under arm. I had seen a doctor about similar breast issues before where I had a cyst fixed. I also had a nipple-bleeding problem too. When the lump appeared I didn't want to go to the doctors, who wanted to operate. After seeing Soo Hwa for 2-3 sessions, the lump was gone. I have not had any problem since that time. I finally decided to stop going to the doctors, psychologist, and chiropractors, massage person, physical therapy and work with Soo Hwa exclusively. I am very grateful for all of her help, knowledge, compassion, honesty, sincerity, and passion with her work. I am so lucky to have met her and am continuing to learn more about the process and how my mind and body works. Soo Hwa gives me hope and encouragement."

~ Jacqueline Robb ~

"I really believe that the Bach Remedies have made a difference for me. In fact, I felt it immediately and intuitively. How to describe it? There are physical manifestations. I am sleeping better - a less troubled sleep. I have more energy. My system just seems to be working better. My (slight) constipation has gone; food tastes better. But the spiritual effects are more noticeable. I seem to be in better tune. Together. Balanced. Lighter. I don't know quite how to describe it. I have done some reading into the Bach Remedies (incurable researcher), and find I am in agreement with the basic principles. I think you captured my "deficiencies" or "qualities" quite well. So just to let you know that you are making a difference in my life. Thank you."

~ S. Siddique ~

"Thank you so much for all your help with both our kids. I especially want to acknowledge the amazing results we have experienced with Bach Flower Essences as you have recommended them for our son Daniel.
At 10 months, Daniel had a virus of some kind. Toward the end of the week, we noticed something 'funny' with his face. Well, long story short, as you know, after all the yucky tests the neurologist could come up with to rule out certain things like meningitis, he was diagnosed with bilateral Bell's Palsy. His face was partially paralyzed. They (the doctors) told us it would eventually go away. We didn't want to just wait and see. We pursued several alternative healing methods - and didn't much care which one worked as long as Daniel's face went back to normal!
After contacting you and having a consultation, we started Daniel on the essences in every formula bottle all day. Your questions get right to the point and seem very intuitive. I really felt like you were getting to know Daniel over the phone and I trusted that you were putting together a safe combination that suited him. After 5 days, you told us to apply 2 of the doses each day topically. From that day forward, his face started coming back to normal. We kept up with that "prescription" until the palsy was completely gone.
We are thrilled. And, he is doing great. In fact, our 3 year old is a great helper in remembering both Daniel's and her own 'fairy drops'."

~ Sharon Krieger ~
Independent Distributor and Mom

"My adopted son has been having difficulty with impulsiveness, anger management, moods, and opposition and defiance. The reports from school placed him in the ADHD spectrum with high marks on all counts (average 8.75 on scale of 10 for 17 criteria). Over the course of approximately one month, my son has gotten unsolicited praise for his behavior in the classroom. The previous ratings for ADHD dropped within just one month so the average is now 7.65. Prior to and during this period, we have been using HANDLE techniques to improve my son's cognitive abilities. The program runs six months and began 12/1/03. The addition of the Bach Flowers in mid-January appeared to have helped my son 'turn the corner'. However it happened, I am grateful to have found a non-toxic and safe intervention to help him better realize his potential. He now says he's 'just like all the other kids'. That's huge at 9 years old!"

~ Anonymous ~

"Soo Hwa Yeo introduced me to the Bach Flower Essences about a year ago. I have been working to heal myself for many years and remove what felt like blocks to my being as effective in my life as I knew I could be. I was battling depression, trying to set boundaries with the people in my life, healing past hurts from my childhood and other issues that seemed to persist even with years of counseling and other methods of healing such as hypnotherapy, massage therapy, and even anti-depressants. I would notice improvements but still the feeling of blockage and being stopped in my life persisted. Finally, in what I believe was an answer to a prayer, I was introduced to the practices of Bach Flower Essences and the SomEsse Process by my massage therapist, also a client of Soo Hwa.
The first time I visited Soo Hwa, I felt a sense of her commitment to empowering her clients to heal and become fully themselves. Soo Hwa created a wonderfully safe and spiritual environment where unhurried time was spent talking about what was happening in my life. We would do the SomEsse Process and I could feel energy that no longer served me release from my body. The results of the SomEsse session and our conversation provided her with the information to skillfully determine what essences to put into my personal formula. I began to incorporate taking the drops into my life very easily. I'd keep the bottle in a convenient place and would take four drops four times a day. Over time, I noticed subtle differences in myself. Situations that would normally upset me no longer caused me stress. I began to notice that it was easier for me to set boundaries with the people in my life. Over time, I was no longer struggling to get through each day but feeling a sense of well being and energy that propelled me to accomplish my goals.
After I had experienced such positive results with the Bach Flower Essences, I brought my 10-year-old daughter to Soo Hwa. Christine was experiencing spontaneous outbursts of anger and had put on some weight around her stomach. I felt that she had some emotional issues that were causing the physical symptoms. Our chiropractor had given her some supplements that seemed to help to a degree with her stomach but it had not completely healed. Christine immediately felt as ease with Soo Hwa. It was very easy to get her to take the drops on her own where it had been a struggle each day to get her to take the supplements which were in pill form. Over the next few weeks, as the drops performed their energetic magic on my daughter, she began to feel calmer and her stomach was healing. Now, her stomach is healed and she seldom has an outburst.
My teenage daughter benefited from the Bach Flower Essences as well. I think she witnessed the changes in her sister and was intrigued by the fact that she was actually beginning to enjoy her sister's company! I took her for two sessions with Soo Hwa and she began to take her own drops. She felt positive changes in her energy almost immediately. Being a teenager is a tough job and the essences helped her to feel more comfortable with herself.
I am very thankful for being led to the Bach Flower Essences. They have made such a difference in my life and yet they are affordable, safe, non-evasive, and so subtly powerful. I highly recommend that anyone interested in living their life to the fullest and/or healing your emotional life give them a try."

~ Melodie Pohorsky ~
Santa Clara

"One year before I was diagnosed with cancer, I experienced certain symptoms that could not be identified: nausea several times a week, diarrhea, shingles on my upper thigh every few months, cold sores in my mouth, fingernails that constantly broke and remained thin and short and finally, an unknown depression that went on for a few months. The diarrhea, cold sores and the fingernail problem cleared up following all of my treatment. The nausea continued, as did bouts of depression. A new symptom showed up and started the day I was diagnosed. I was unable to sleep at night, mostly because of the chemotherapy and certain injections I had to receive for a low white blood count. I was placed on an addictive sleep medication for about a year and finally weaned myself off of it. I still required something to help with sleep so I found an all-natural sleep aid that I took every night. Some nights it didn't help at all. When I began my Bach Flower Remedies, I realized that after a month had gone by, I was beginning to sleep every night (and I have since). I have not had any recurrence of shingles and I have had my emotions under control. To my greatest delight, I have had no recurring nausea. As an added bonus, though I have always had nice, soft skin, the chemotherapy dried it out a bit. Another benefit of the remedies is that my skin is soft again and even silkier than it has ever been. The most important thing I remember every day is that: recognizing the reason for taking a particular essence allows us to consciously cultivate the 'opposing' virtue, and finally it is this learning of the lesson that completes the healing."

~ Rev. Dr. Janice Schmidt, DD, MsD, NC, LMT ~
Holistic Practitioner, Minister, Nutrition Counselor
Licensed Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Author

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Testimonials from Lectures and Courses

"Soo Hwa was an excellent speaker and presenter. She knows her topic, is passionate about the subject, interesting to hear and entertaining as well. I didn't know anything about Bach Essences and I am now excited to learn more and to use them."

~ Mary Drillock ~
Lecture, Twin Lakes College

"Very thorough and informative with stories interlaced, making the essences even more understandable. The speaker was very clear, steady in presentation, sweet with warmth and a good sense of humor. Obviously loves the Bach Flowers and what they do."

~ Vondo Sunyata ~
Lecture, Twin Lakes College

"I have attended the earlier talk [on Bach Flower Essences and the Family]. I strongly recommend it. It will help us to understand human behavior, including ourselves and to respect our children as individuals with their own life/characters. Our responsibility is therefore to help/guide them to be what they will aspire to be and not impose our values on them or live our dreams through them.
Soo Hwa is an all loving person who truly wants to help fellow human beings to find harmony between body and soul as we journey through life. Within the two hours, she provides the background on Dr Edward Bach's work and shares with us the various human behavior/personalities and their negative impact on family members, especially our children."

~ Kwa Mei Lin ~
Lecture, Singapore

"Soo Hwa's engaging, knowledgeable and succinct. Couldn't ask for a better workshop instructor. I know the remedies well but Soo Hwa's experience and knowledge has certainly added and enhanced that."

~ Seow Jin Hua ~
Workshop, Singapore

"Workshop presentation was clear and concise. I learned a lot about the benefits and how it affects the subtle parts of the nervous system. Good speaker who knows subject very well and very devoted to the practice of healing people. I'm planning to study the Bach Remedies professionally in the near future."

~ Catherine Wright ~
Workshop, Santa Cruz

"The workshop content was complete, knowledge and lessons were presented fully. Soo Hwa is knowledgeable, able to translate this to students in way easily and happily followed. Wonderful sense of presentation and humor."

~ Michael Malloy ~
Workshop, Seattle

"Absolutely terrific! The course has turned out to be everything I hoped and more! Bach Flower Therapy meets every requirement I can think of, regarding my concerns and I have a feeling that the concerns of many can be addressed the same way. To get the knowledge out there faster, more people are needed to disseminate it. And for that, more people need to know that courses are available so they too can get the knowledge."

~ Sheryl Arroyo-Glausch, Housewife ~
Level 1 Certificate Course, California

"The anecdotes - real life situations to illustrate - are very good. The course was very well organized as to content and time. The instructor was and is most generous and kind to all the participants and did a good job of keeping to the schedule as well as allowing group participation."

~ Marty Ellis. M.F.T. ~
Level 1 Certificate Course, California

"The class was fabulous! Thank you for always reminding me that the journey is as wonderful as the goal. I appreciate your wisdom and respect all the work you have done on yourself to continue to be an inspiration to me and others! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in healing."

~ Debbie Barber, CMT ~
Level 1 Certificate Course, California

"The teacher is very knowledgeable and open, created a relaxed atmosphere. The course content was just right - not overwhelming for beginners yet covered a broad amount of subject matter.

~ Irma Casiple, Nurse ~
Level 1 Certificate Course, California

"The course materials were very well presented and presented seamlessly. The group exercises made me think. It was enjoyable, time flew and met my objectives and more. I came away impressed by what a serious modality the Bach Essences is for all of us and I will definitely be using them to help myself and those who need help."

~ W.E.H., Hotel Manager ~
Level 1 Certificate Course, California

Fantastic! All aspects of the essences were covered and I appreciated being tested on the knowledge with the group activities. Cannot get that experience from a book. Soo Hwa was very approachable and down to earth, concentrating on subject at hand and not drifting into self-appreciation as I have found with other seminar teachers.

~ Dawn Black, Nutritionist ~
Level 1 Certificate Course, Singapore

"I would like to take this time to thank you so very much for being my mentor. You have been most helpful and encouraging during this whole time. I really do appreciate all that you have done. I especially appreciate your concern and your care when providing feedback to my questions and on my work. I really did learn much from the course and from you."

~ N. Cangelosi ~
Distance Learning Program

"Thank you so much for all of your time and patience and guidance through this first level. Your comments have been so very helpful and valued. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to work with you and to begin learning the essences in this way."

~ N. Griffiths ~
Distance Learning Program

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