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"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the
complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creative."
Charles Mingus

We have the innate wisdom to heal ourselves and others. True healing arrives when that inner wisdom is fully embodied and expressed. Here are two publications available to help you begin to unlock and use that wisdom in your healing process. There will be more.

Tips for Your Process

In the SomEsse approach to healing, the client is the healer and the practitioner an assistant and teacher in that process. Clearing away unconscious energetic patterns is only half of the therapy; the other is growing in self-knowledge and using conscious attention and intention to direct your own healing.

Some clients make better healers than others because they bring this additional conscious element into their work. This booklet is a formulation of tips and advice to help you in this direction. By developing a clear and proper understanding of your own healing process, you can transform into an effective healer to maximize the benefits from your sessions.

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      This booklet has been revised and expanded and is awaiting publication.

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Healing the Family with Bach Flower Essences

Since they were discovered nearly 70 years ago, Dr Bach's system of flower essences has been widely and successfully established in their use for treating personality traits, negative emotions and attitudes. The essences are unique in that they do not treat problems per se but instead seek to heal the personality at the center of that problem. They are simple to use, easily accessible and gentle in action yet powerfully effective.

Healing The Family aims at introducing the Bach Flower Essences as a form of self-help and group therapy. Readers are exposed to an alternative way of perceiving family life and its many issues and challenges, and taught how to use the 38 flower essences to understand one's own strength and deficiency in the helper role.

With clear illustrations and case histories drawn from her own healing practice, the author demonstrates the broad scope and versatility of the essences to resolve family issues and to relieve the stress, emotional conflicts and limitations in parenting.
The book also discusses the important role of the essences in tackling the challenges specific to the different stages of childhood, from birth to young adulthood and the ways to bring a higher level of awareness and consciousness into the parent-child relationship.
2005 Publication.
Price: US$14.95

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Excerpts from the book are reprinted in the following:
May 2006 issue of
Vibration Magazine, World Wide Essence Society

July 2006 issue of
Holistic Living Newsletter, Singapore
Newsletter archives now start only from 2008.
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Book Reviews

There are three things [in this book that] I feel are particularly appreciated contributions to the field. First, that you so clearly and simply explain why flower essences are needed by the whole family when one family member is having a problem. Second, you go into a lot of thought-provoking detail about how the person selecting the essence is a part of the "system," and can therefore either be part of the problem, or part of the solution -- the power of the "therapeutic relationship" being in my estimation entirely under-rated. And third, I was very much interested in your comments about the potential for using flower essences with an Asian population.

~ Deborah Bier, PhD ~
Publisher and Co-Editor, Vibration Magazine
Author of The Encyclopedia of Vibrational Essences
Maker of the Whole Energy Essences


This helpful book aims at introducing families to the Bach Flower Essences as a form of self-help and group therapy. The system is simple to use, easily accessible and both gentle and powerful. It is particularly suited to families who are not inclined to seek help more publicly and aggressively, and its powerful healing property, when used correctly and in group therapy, ensures quick relief for conflicts in relationships amongst family members. The book includes a historical background to Dr Bach and his system, an understanding of his philosophy and approach to health and healing, and describes the system of 38 essences, what they are and what they do. The second part explains in detail how to choose, prepare and use one's personal mix of essences, what to expect from their use and advice on how to fine-tune selections to get the desired results. The third part deals with Healing the Family, how to resolve family issues, how to 'grow up' as a parent and how to nurture your child.
~ William Walker ~
Yoga & Health Magazine, UK
May 2006 Issue

The flower essence therapy system of the late British G.P (later bacteriologist and pathologist) Edward Bach is not exactly unknown in the Bay Area, but this is the first American guide we've seen written with families in mind. Yeo, a Sunnyvale pharmacist and Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, believes "Dr Bach's essential message is that all ills of mankind are spiritual in nature" and that his essences "act gently yet powerfully" to rid body and mind of negative thoughts and emotions that can make us ill.
A blend of essay and manual, Healing The Family also explains the seven groups of essences (which treat loneliness, fear, oversensitivity and other stressors), and instructs parents how to choose the appropriate essence(s) and how to use them with both children and adults. (Moreover, Yeo doesn't forget the possible ramifications of such treatment, noting, "It is tempting to make use of the essences to 'correct' the people who are close to us.") It's an absorbing and thought-provoking little book.
~ Parents Press Magazine ~
September 2006 issue
Berkeley, California

 If you currently have a family or are working through issues of your childhood family or if you just want to broaden your understanding of your role and impact on the "bigger picture family" of Humankind - Healing the Family with Bach Flower Essences is the book for you! A well-written, user-friendly guide that will help you accurately and with confidence select remedies to help shift, change and transmute lifelong emotional challenges and personality imbalances.

~ Nancy SantoPietro ~
Chakracologist, Feng Shui Expert
Best Selling Author of Feng Shui & Health: The Anatomy of A Home
Brooklyn, NY

As implied in this review, one of the greatest strengths of this book is the repeated use and descriptions of essence or personality types - both those who are helping and those on the receiving end, whether in or out of balance - which reinforces the understanding of the essences and their practical uses. Studied and taken to heart, this is a tool that provides a thorough understanding of the essences rather than just providing a list of remedies and what they're used for; it truly educates the reader providing underlying foundational knowledge rather than just serving as a 'reference book'.
Healing The Family with Bach Flower Essences is a book that feels 'fresh' even given the many books written on Bach flower essences over several decades. Written with straightforward heartfelt warmth and wisdom, it is easy to read and assimilate. It is clearly presented and well organized - even the choices of typography, titling, etc. - contribute to making it very accessible to the reader.

The above is extracted from an extensive review. You can read the full review at www.flowersociety.org/healing-the-family.html

~ Flower Essence Society E-Newsletter ~
August 2008 Issue
Nevada, CA


What Readers Say ...

Healing The Family, in my view, is the best presentation on applying the healing capabilities of Bach Flower Essences that I have seen. In addition, and by design, it considers the influence of the environment of the patient and not just their symptoms. Above and beyond the use of the essences is the author's simple and economic use of prose. At nearly every page, I marveled at the simplicity and elegance of her presentation. There can be no question; this book was brought forth from love and the compassion to relieve the suffering of others.

~ David Caruthers ~
Sunnyvale, CA

Healing The Family by Soo Hwa Yeo is the best book on Bach Flower Remedies that I have read. Soo Hwa adds a spiritual depth and a logical approach to working with the remedies. She gives examples of everyday situations, i.e. marriage, moving, children, loss of a loved one, etc, that you can work with. She touches on the subtle qualities of each essence that other authors have not. Her knowledge of the remedies is apparent. The book leaves you wanting to know more about the essences. I can't wait for her to write another! I recommend this book highly!

   ~ A. Johnson ~
Alameda, CA
This is a terrific book for so many reasons. Unlike other encyclopedia-style books which are referred to for descriptions of a specific remedy, Healing The Family manages to immerse the reader in the entire Bach Remedy experience so that once you've read the 160-odd pages, you have a complete understanding of the purpose and practice of Bach Flower Essences.
    I first read this book when I was new to the concept and I learned an enormous amount from it. I referred to it often. Since then I have completed two of the three levels of education towards becoming a registered Bach practitioner and I've recently re-read this book from cover to cover. I was astonished at how much more it had to offer and how much more I gained. The author uses everyday situations to demonstrate the best use of the essences and shares her intuitive understanding of their nuances. She also offers invaluable explanations that are hard to find elsewhere, such as "...taking eight drops does not double the effect of four drops. Instead the return to balance depends on how often we take the effective dose."
    Simply, beautifully and well written, this book is a must for anyone interested in healing with Bach Flowers - no matter what level of knowledge you have.

~ India Penney ~
Westport, CT

Soo Hwa Yeo's Healing The Family is a must read for anyone who needs to get out of the emotional imprisonment of negative energy. The most uplifting assurance in the book is that one doesn't need to remain in the destructive grip of fear, anxiety, anger and jealousy for the rest of one's life. These negative emotions can be dispelled with the help Bach Flower Essence therapy and be replaced by hope and positive well-being. The author very clearly describes how the essences dilute the negative attitudes that are entrenched within us, some for a very long time. Because of the essences she recommended, I feel so much better already. I suggest anyone who is looking for a way to improve their health and well-being to read this excellent book. 
~ Greg Soares ~
San Francisco, CA

I have read countless excellent books and writings 'explaining and teaching' the use of Bach Flower Remedies to anyone willing to learn them. However, Yeo Soo Hwa's book surpasses these by teaching practical application and use of the Remedies by any community of individuals connected to each other on a more than 'friend' level. Her explanations of the use of the Remedies within the family are insightful and empathetic; her ability to define situations in which a particular Remedy would be helpful or called for is outstanding.
    For some individuals, it is not enough to merely explain which Remedy does what. When a family group seeks emotional help, this group must be guided in a direction that leads them to the help they need to heal and to rebuild; not simply left on their own to figure it out as best as they can. Soo Hwa does this in a most gentle and compassionate manner. However, she never overlooks the fact that emotional healing takes commitment on the part of the individual - and she continually points out to the reader that even when the symptom seems under control, the main issue may not yet be resolved. She goes further to help the reader understand the whole and how to treat the whole and not just the symptom.
    It is reassuring to know that this important book for healing and contentment is available to anyone at any time. The book makes a superb gift; it is a loving and tender way to reach out to a friend or family member in need of help and solutions.

~ Kellie Sharpe, ESMT, CSF ~
GA Equine Sports Massage & Saddle Fitting
Hillsboro, GA

Healing The Family with Bach Flower Essences is a beginner’s guide to understanding flower essences and the benefits they bring. Correct selection of essences determines the success in the treatment. The clear illustrations and case studies provide the reader with an overall understanding of the 38 flower essences and their applications.
     This book is detailed and yet easy to understand. I would strongly recommend to anyone who is keen to gain an insight into flower essences. 

~ Carmen Tan ~
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