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"Whatever you experience in your life is really but the outpicturing
of your own thoughts and beliefs. Now, you can change these thoughts
and beliefs, and then the outer picture must change too."
Emmet Fox

SomEsse Process

The SomEsse Process relies on the powerful vibration of truth to release problematic memories. During a session, the client is guided to speak the truth and story of specific energies in the body that are directly related to his/her issues.

In the process, the body is used as an instrument of truth. When truth is spoken, the part of the body holding that energy responds as the specific energy is called from the unconscious into the conscious. Once brought to the conscious level, it becomes easy to release the past imprint.

Narrative-based therapies are limited because they mainly involve the intellect. In this form of work, when we use all three centers - physical, verbal, mental - to acknowledge the truth, the energy can be fully released, allowing quick and clean internal shifts in the individual.

Much of this work focuses on the events in early childhood when our dependence on others is so vital and profound. Strong impressions can be triggered or formed when a child instinctively configures him/herself to the immediate environment in an attempt to survive and negotiate the apparent chaos of the external world.

Most adaptations are in relation to the parents with whom the child has the most intimate and frequent contact, but other factors - peer, societal, cultural, religious - can be equally important as we tend to mold and shape ourselves to these influences throughout life.

Each of us is therefore a complex and unique matrix of unconscious energy patterns that can be traced to specific events in the past. These energetic memories force us to perceive, interpret and respond to situations from a frozen worldview, so life cannot be experienced as it is in the present moment.

This work serves to move the client beyond these locked perceptions so that the false views of the past can be accessed and fully released, together with the ego-drama and negative emotions they support. The SomEsse approach also acknowledges that energetic impressions can come from an even more distant past.

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Dr Bach's Flower System

The flower essences of Dr Edward Bach, discovered in the 1930s, are energy extracts of wild flowers, tree blossoms and a single healing water. This gentle yet powerful system consists of 38 individual essences and a composite formula of five flowers designed for rescue action to take care of the challenges of everyday stress and the acute conditions in emergencies.

Each essence treats a specific emotion, personality type or mental outlook on life that hinders personal growth and precipitates illness. Collectively they are indicated for seven broad categories of emotional/mental imbalances:

• Fear
• Uncertainty
• Loneliness
• Insufficient Interest in
   Present Circumstances
• Oversensitivity to
   Influences and Ideas
• Despondency and Despair
• Overcare for the
   Welfare of Others
In flower essence therapy, we take the essences orally to flood our subtle energy system with the pure vibrations of flowers corresponding to natural positive states of consciousness blocked in expression. Negative emotions, attitudes and perceptions are released as the system returns to its natural resonance. The resulting internal balance frees us from emotional and mental conflicts that generate stress, and stimulates physical healing.

Quantum-Touch on the Side:

Quantum-Touch is a hands-on healing technique that uses life-force energy to clear energetic interference. The practitioner utilizes breathing, visualization, intention and attention to amplify his/her life-force energy. When applied to the parts of the body in discomfort or pain, the high vibrational field of the practitioner brings the client's field into resonance.
In SomEsse, Quantum-Touch is used primarily to facilitate the release of energy in instances where there is physical pain and for releases initiated by the other techniques. As a hands-on method, it has limited use in helping the client to understand the contents of the energetic interferences causing dis-ease.



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Perception Therapy

 As we perceive, so we respond. Thus the correction of perception alone holds enough power to alter and heal our relationship with events, persons, things and places. By using external energetic agents such as flower essences, we clear old deposits of problematic mental-emotional patterns but involve no conscious work to alter them. The latter is critical if we understand that all things begin with thought and all thoughts possess creative power that must be respected and properly used. 

 We are conditioned to interpret reality according to the stories with which we hypnotize ourselves. Perception healing delivers unconscious programming to the conscious where it can be systematically dismantled by retracing the path of the thought pattern. Mind tracking is a definite tool to align thinking with reality and to cultivate self-knowledge; it also encourages and empowers a person to make conscious choices about their mental and emotional landscape. This method can be used alone and, unlike the SomEsse Process which is body-based, is suitable for individuals who rely heavily on their intellect to function. It is highly recommended that it be used to complete the other techniques.

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