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"When you enter the labyrinth to return home to your essence,
be a warrior armed with the desire to love and to be true.
Nothing less can give you the strength and courage to reach the center,
where you are the universe and all the universe is you."
Soo Hwa 

The Practitioner-Teacher

Soo Hwa has a masters degree in pharmacy and was involved in pharmaceutical and clinical research, publishing and non-profit organizational service before her current practice. A trained Quantum-Touch Practitioner and a Bach Foundation Trained Practitioner, she has also been an Assessor and Teacher with the Bach International Education Program (US) and Mentor for the Bach Distance Learning Program (International) from 1998-2009.

In 2001, she established The SomEsse Method, a unifying approach and technique to healing that developed out of her work with different modalities. Over the years, she continues to develop her interest in the understanding of consciousness, the interplay of human energies and ultimate healing and in the creation of processes and forms usable to this end. The work is ongoing and evolving.

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