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"The wish for healing has always been half of health."
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Each person is unique and this necessitates a highly individualized therapy best provided by a one-on-one session. Phone consultations are best for flower essence and perception therapy. To request appointments, email post at somesse.com.

In-Person Session

In-person sessions are only available for the SomEsse Process when deemed necessary. Because of the unique nature of this work, the first session is often offered on an evaluation basis to find a match between modality and client.

      Additional sessions on how to correct perceptions are useful and recommended in tandem to assist and facilitate the understanding of the healing process. These sessions can be conducted over the phone. See below for phone consultation procedure

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Phone Session

The Phone Consultation Procedure for Bach flower essences will be emailed to you upon request and/or once an appointment has been made. Go through the procedure to prepare yourself so you can make your session more productive. Arrangements for payment and delivery of essences will be given. 

      The same process applies to other types of phone sessions.

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Email Session

The articulation of a problem is in itself a healing process. If you find writing therapeutic, you can also use this format for a consultation.

 For information on payment and guidelines on email content, you can write to post at somesse.com and submit a request for the Email Consultation Procedure.

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