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'SomEsse' is derived from 'soma', the Greek word for body, and 'esse', Latin for essence. Its philosophy unites all methods of healing by offering a single understanding of the true cause of dis-ease and the true path to health from body to essence. Recovering this wisdom is a vital process that allows us to heal every connection.

The SomEsse Method

§    is a powerful and direct approach that effects simultaneous healing    §
on the spiritual, emotional and physical levels.

§    is unique as it heals every aspect of life, from self-limiting tendencies    §
that obstruct personal growth and fulfillment, to negative attitudes,
emotional distress, physical disease and the recurring patterns of these.

§    produces rapid and profound results because it addresses dis-eases    §
at their source rather than managing them at a symptomatic level.

How It Works

In SomEsse, body, mind and essence are viewed as a single continuum rather than separate entities. All healing modalities address blockages at different points along this continuum; their potency and limitations determined by the proximity of their action relative to the effect (symptom) and cause of the problem. The grosser the level at which healing is initiated, the more symptomatically oriented the method; the closer to the original cause, the more rapid and profound the overall healing. 

 Technique and view (understanding the mechanics of dis-ease and health) are therefore distinct but necessary components of a healing method. A unifying view, applied to any existing healing modality, offers the practitioner an added tool - the consciousness and power of truth to quicken and deepen the healing process. It also grants freedom to effortlessly switch methods according to the needs of the client with an integrated understanding and purpose in therapy.

Different techniques are used here - The SomEsse Process, Dr Bach's Flower System and Perception Therapy. Each person is unique and may require a different modality, or a sequence or combination of techniques to bring about a seamless healing process. 

No matter how powerful a technique may be, complete healing is impossible without the wisdom that knows its true causes. When we choose to act in ways out of resonance with our true nature, dis-ease will happen. Our spiritual health is therefore also our emotional, mental and physical health.

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Beyond the Self

The SomEsse principle can be applied to inter-personal dynamics, as with a family, group or organization. SomEsse Organizational Therapy looks at where the flow of energy in a group is blocked and seeks to clear it, allowing healing to take place.

When there is understanding and alignment of intentions, the group will function as a vibrant, dynamic and empowered whole, and their work can transcend to a higher level of purpose and achievement. The process starts here - with the change that begins within each person ...

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